What are the porcelain insulators?

05 December 2019

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Porcelain insulators - TechnicalCeramic.store
Porcelain insulators
The electrical insulators are devices using to isolate electrical conductor from other conductive materials, without leak currents. They are mainly used in electrical installations: they are strong, safe and cheap.
Kinds of electrical insulators
There are insulators for indoor or outdoor environment, bushing or supporting insulators, stiff wire or suspended insulators; insulators for low, medium, high voltage; telegraphic or telephonic insulators and terminal devices. Electrical insulators are traditionally made by glass and ceramic but since the 70s and 80s new composite materials of synthetic origin have been used to produce them.
Shapes and sizes of electrical insulators are extremely variable and their pleasing and original appearence gave birth to particular collection projects about electrical insulators.
At the moment there are many kind of products: long chains of suspended insulators of several meters which weigh more then 100 Kg used for high and extra-high voltage lines; little spools about 1 cm. with mostly domestic use. Today, the electrical insulators that are found in electrical installations of the old houses
are reused by a lot of people for their vintage features.
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Porcelain insulators: practical and durable, elegantly designed - TechnicalCeramic.store
Porcelain insulators: practical and durable, elegantly designed

Ceramic insulators

Technical ceramics are used for high-quality tools in order to the following characterists:
excellent electrical insulation, even in presence of high voltage, high mechanical resistance and hardness and excellent chemical resistance; to produce every ceramic article it's necessary to find the right material, that is the ceramic mixture with the best possible performances for each use.
Especially, manufacturing porcelain insulators means to use high-quality raw materials such as kaolin, feldspar and quartz. Choosing the right porcelain insulator we can have products with high “dielectric strength” which means they are very resistent when subjected to high voltage difference without damages in order to the excellent performances of  electrical insulator.
The porcelain is a very good insulating and for this it is used in order to isolate the electrical cables and wires but it is also have high mechanical strength and finally we must remember its pleasant look.
The ceramic insulators can be used in all cases where it is necessary to create a wall-mounted  electrical system through the use of braid cables and wall-mounted electrical wires. The wall mounted electrical system could be an option in response to architectural requirements due to the necessity to preserve the walls where the electrical system will be built.
Our ceramic and porcelain insulators with elegant white or colour finishes are ideal for wall-mounted electric systems, especially used  for installation of silk braid cables.

Why choose porcelain insulators?

Dielectric strengh
Our porcelain insulators are resistent to high voltage without damages.
Flexibility in the assembly
The porcelain insulators allow to create electrical wiring without breaking the walls.
Trendy design
Porcelain insulators are perfect  for wall-mounted electric wiring, they are safe and with a unique design.
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