porcelain cable guide black

code ISOL16


Porcelain cable guide are made by a couple of insulators made in finest ceramic glazed in different color, for single cable or twisted wires, representing a perfect solution for renovation or simply for chic vintage dwellings. Sometimes external wiring is dictated by architectural requirements, if the need for the wall the system is to be installed on to be kept intact, for example: castles, historic houses country and private homes in case of walls made of stone, brick or wood. So external wiring is a necessity and can offer the opportunity to bring a genuine, unique touch to the place.

These Insulators of the highest quality are manufactured one by one, imperfection and slight differences are a feature of these insulators that makes them unique in their kind. Other models of holder-cable and cable clamps in porcelain are available on request. On customer request we can manufacture ceramic insulators of any size and dimension for your vintage or modern electrical wiring.


Material Porcelain
Finishing Glazed
Color Jet Black
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